Meet & Greet

February 21 at Calvert Recreation Center, 4500  Stockwell Street. We will start with our ‘Social Thirty’ at 6:30 PM. The forum  will begin at 7:00 PM

Ray Crisp, our former president was the driving force behind our Association,  before his move to Missouri, he planned all our ‘Meet & Greets’. Through his  diligence and many connections, he was able to provide knowledgeable,  interesting presenters on a myriad of subjects. His talent for this is greatly  missed. 

 In his absence we need input from each of you as to what brought you to the  association and what you hope to get out of it. Therefore, our Meet & Greet this  month will be a forum where you can express your ideas and share what you hope  to gain from your membership in Eden Park Neighborhood Association. 

 We hope to see you there. Not a member yet? Check us out, everyone is welcome.