About Us


The area within Calvert to South Streets and 33rd to 56th Streets shall be known as The Eden Park Neighborhood Association (EPNA).  The purpose of the EPNA shall be to preserve, protect, and advance the common interests and is organized for the purposes of improving, developing, and promoting the neighborhood and acting for its general welfare and in its interests.


The mission of the EPNA shall be to provide education, disseminate information, identify crises and recommend solutions, create opportunities for neighbors to know each other, develop a sense of community, and generally enhance safety, beauty and pride.

Who and Why We Are

How We Are Governed

The EPNA is owned and governed by its members through a set of bylaws approved by the members.  The day-to-day business is conducted by the members of the Board of Directors elected by the members at its annual meeting each June.  The officers of the EPNA are elected by the members of the Board of Directors at its meeting following the members’ annual meeting each June.

HOA vs. NA

The EPNA is a legally established, incorporated non-profit organization which serves its members as a neighborhood association (NA) rather than a home owners’ association (HOA). A NA is a group of residents, property and  business owners, and friends who can do what they want with their properties within the guidelines of the city code. An HOA is governed by a set of legal covenants dictating specific architectural and management requirements for properties within its boundaries.

Advantges of Membership

The EPNA will help you to:

1.  Meet your neighbors; 

2.  Meet new friends;

3.  Develop close relationships;

4.  Network with resource persons;

5.  Be a part of a collective voice, e.g., responding to City plans, programs or proposals;

6.  Participate in activities such as garage sales, picnics, and special programs;

7.  Improve the security of your street,area, and neighborhood;

8.  Improve the appearance of your yard, area, and street;

9.  Improve the value of your home; and 

10.  Learn of ways to save on home energy, repairs, and maintenance.


WE ARE A FAMILY OF NEIGHBORS who live, work, play, and visit within 

the area of Calvert north to South Streets and from 33rd east to 56th Streets.